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Client Testimonials

Dear Joe,

We have been meaning to send this letter for some time. After living in the renovation for several months now, it is important for Darlene and I to tell you how happy we are with the work provided by you and your team. The project has been everything we hoped for.

It has been our experience after years in the design and construction industry to see the best of efforts splinter towards the end of a project. The feeling of eupohria reached while seeing elements of the designed vision coming together being replaced by hard feelings and disappointment as the veil of quality unravels.

Our project has been anything but that. Following what we discovered was a wonderful assembly of subcontractors and suppliers, the project progressed better than we ever expected. Typically after several months following the completion of a project, it is easy to find faults or omissions on construction work. In this case it is hard to find a single thing wrong. Not only did we receive the quality of work we hoped for, the project came in under budget and one month earlier than sceduled (even with the inevitable modifications along the way). The time spent planning and preparing the components of the project was well spent. In addition to the open dialog of objectives, financial limitations and a candid collaborative working relationship were keys to success.

It is safe to say that as far as personal projects go this is the best experience we have ever had. We would happily recommend you and your team to anyone.

Please give out thanks to everyone involved with the work. If we can ever be of assistance in referencing future work never hesitate to contact us.

Michael Bolaños AIA, Darlene Bolaños, Corinne, Samantha & Daniel

Dear Jim,

To say that Maureen and I are delighted with the window installation David and especially Barry completed would be an understatement. The windows look and function fabulously.

As family point man for this renovation, I would like to acknowledge your help in getting the project completed. Your willingness to provide guidance, suggestions, and ultimately the labor to install the windows fit our expectations and our budget. Thank you.

Being new to the area, we felt not a little anxiety in our need to renovate our house. But P.L. Wallman company came highly recommended. We now know those recommendations are justified. We are satisfied that we chose the right general contractor for this job.

When we decide to renovate even more of the house, you can expect to hear from us. In the meantime, we will gladly contribute to the reputation of P.L. Wallman Company by our own word-of-mouth advertising.

A final comment: We want to adopt Barry. The man went above and beyond the call of duty. His attention to detail, his principles on the job, and his engaging personality elicited our respect and admiration. Each day we looked forward to his arrival. Now, we kind of miss him, especially our son, Keigan.

Keith Craig

Joe...a few things

1st. Dave stopped by today and I gave him the balance....thanks again.....I think you did an excellent job and did everything that was promised. I also appreciate keeping the job site clean and keeping whatever schedule you promised. The guys you have chosen are all very pleasant and were not the typical work force.

2nd. A lady called today asking about you for a reference. Of course, I told her that besides your profanities and the fact that you are an Eagles fan, you did an awesome job and I would highly recommend you.

3rd. We did manage to get some of the doors done tonight, and I think with a little caulk, we did a fine job. However, it just took a lot of time and I can't ask friends to spend that kind of time helping me. You know were this is going don't you. ;-) If it is still possible to have Dave work for that $40/hour, I would love to have him finish up the baseboard and hanging the laundry room door. I would also have him back to do the cubbies and bench after the tile goes in. I will be in Atlanta until Monday night, but would be glad to help him to make the job go quicker on Tues or Wed of next week. If he does the cutting and the brain work, I can certainly finish adding extra nails and setting them. You make the call on that one, but I realize that he is busy and I would help in any way that I can. I believe that all of the materials are here. The only "extra" that would be nice would be to do the crown molding on the cabinets.

Finally, when I did a quick coat of primer on the ceilings, they did a very godo job (except the very few small areas that were missed). However, on the area where the garage door was replaced, I think the job was less than be honest, I think they just forgot to sand it and this is very evident when you run a light next to it. For now, maybe we should wait until the baseboards get in place in case we "ding" any walls. Maybe you or Dave can give your opinion the next time you are around.

Ken Ganly


I can't begin to thank you enough for taking on our Rehoboth project and turning our cottage into a spectacular, updated home! Had you not agreed to take this on, it truly still would be a pipedream! The fact that you and I had worked together before (and so easily), and they knew your work (ha-ha)--was truly the clincher for my parents on deciding to move forward on this. So, all the Yates family owes you a huge thank you: my parents--for the new house they're enjoying now, to my sisters and I--who are enjoying it now and for many years to come (although we'll be fighting over who has "dibs" on the lovely guest cottage) to the nieces and nephew who are enjoying their birds-eye retreat upstairs....we all love it. The house LIVES, so much easier and brighter and bigger!

Thank you again for making this such an enjoyable process and helping give such a beautiful facelift to our Rehoboth home! Please share our thanks with the whole P.L. Walman team--with special kudos to Jimmy who always seems to have the solution for whatever curveball was thrown his way!

You know I'll be calling you when I have plans fort he next project. This is truly FUN--(and addictive)!!



Thank you too for meeting with us this morning. You and Carl are great at returning phone calls - something I count on. You were on time with your bid - something I expected (you were the only one out of three). You were on time at my home this morning - something I appreciate and you did what you said you would do (emailing me the references) - something that makes me happy.

Having spent more years than I want to admit in the commercial and residental construction business, I was impressed with you and your company's organizational approach to running a project. Thanks for sharing the project photos and the 3-ring project binder with me. I love, love how organized you run a project; keeping track of all documents and correspondence in one place!

Needless to say I was impressed and look forward to getting back to you on Friday, Dec. 22nd.

Sharon Crossman
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